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About Us

Michael Fish

Pacific Surgical Holdings Ltd.

Pacific Surgical is a group of innovative healthcare companies committed to bringing progressive products and service solutions to our customers in Canada and around the globe. We are uncompromising advocates for our customers’ clinical and financial needs. We strive to bring forth new ideas to help face the challenges of today’s healthcare reality. This is what motivates us, drives us and has kept us growing since the inception of our first company in 1923.

Core Values

Pacific Surgical is grounded on four basic principles and priorities:

  • Our Employees- All Pacific Surgical companies have at their core, respect for the hard work and dedication of our employees.

  • Our Customers- We recognize that none of our businesses can survive without a healthy partnership with our customers.

  • Our Suppliers- Our suppliers provide us the tools we need to find solutions for our customers. These relationships are essential for our continued success.

  • Support For Our Communities- Only by supporting community needs that are consistent with our company values are we able to find true meaning and purpose in our work.

Leadership Team

Together, our team brings over 80 years of industry experience to the table and represents the leadership and vision that fuels our strength as a company.

Our leadership team is actively involved in building Pacific Surgical Holdings Ltd. to its fullest potential through fostering ongoing education, advancement in product knowledge, and industry adherence to specific standards. We seek to meet and exceed the demands of our clients and end users.

“We have seen significant growth in each of our divisions over the past few years and this new structure will ensure that each division of Pacific Surgical receives the appropriate attention and resources to continue this upward trend. Pacific Surgical was also created with a mind to begin making strategic investments in global healthcare companies. We now have an additional focus on finding great new products companies that need the capital and the expertise that Pacific Surgical can offer.”

Michael Fish